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Energy sources

Water conservation | Climate change | Energy sources

This set of activities focuses on energy sources and includes renewable and non-renewable energy sources.

Target vocabulary is introduced using a range of activity types.

The literary focus is speaking and writing persuasive texts and includes giving a short talk and planning and writing.

Click on a link below to print/download a PDF file for each activity, which contains a teacher guide and student worksheet.

The downloads box on the right-hand side includes additional support material.

Focus on vocabulary    
6.34 Introducing energy sources (PDF 2MB) Orientation
Track 6.34 (MP3 5MB)
6.35 Looking at energy (PDF 906KB) Listening to and following instructions
Track 6.35 (MP3 4MB)
6.36 Kinds of energy (PDF 320KB) Using words in new contexts  
6.37 Target vocabulary - energy sources (PDF 510KB) Word list
Track 6.37 (MP3 4MB)
6.38 Identifying target vocabulary - energy sources (PDF 35KB) Wordfind  
6.39 Pronouncing target vocabulary - energy sources (PDF 39KB) Pronunciation  
6.40 Recognising target vocabulary - energy sources (PDF 33KB) Bingo  
6.41 Spelling target vocabulary - energy sources (PDF 42KB) Hangman  
6.42 Making sentences (PDF 35KB) Collocation  
6.43 Familiarisation with target vocabulary - energy sources (PDF 38KB) Word cards  
6.44 Finish this sentence - energy sources (PDF 198KB) Word forms  
6.45 Spelling target vocabulary - energy sources (PDF 35KB) Missing words  
6.46 Energy sources target vocabulary - same or different (PDF 106KB) Equations  
6.47 Drawing nature scenes (PDF 227KB) Listening to and following instructions
Track 6.47 (MP3 6MB)
6.48 Make a conservation game (PDF 66KB) Organising information  
Focus on speaking and writing persuasive texts    
6.49 Introducing energy conservation (PDF 525KB) Orientation  
6.50 Say it another way (PDF 38KB) Rewording statements  
6.51 Fossil fuels (PDF 38KB) Dictation  
6.52 Save the planet (PDF 41KB) Noughts and crosses  
6.53 Biomass versus fossil fuels (PDF 269KB) Giving a short talk  
6.54 Introducing persuasive texts (PDF 304KB) Orientation  
6.55 Should New Zealanders plant more trees (PDF 143KB) Text organisation  
6.56 Should we use less electricity (PDF 50KB) Text organisation  
6.57 Using wind energy (PDF 228KB) Text organisation  
6.58 Should we... (PDF 39KB) Planning and writing  

Published on: 08 Jan 2018