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This topic is broken into 3 subtopics – click on a link to see the activities in each subtopic:

In each subtopic, students:

  • listen, look, read and talk to establish familiarity with the context
  • are introduced to 20 target words
  • practise recognising and producing the written and spoken forms of each word
  • relate form and meaning
  • practise recognising the environment in which the words usually occur
  • use the words in new contexts.

Topic objective

  • Recognise and use specialist and general vocabulary relevant to the mathematics curriculum strand Measurement.
  • Read and listen in order to understand and respond to simple information about measurement of length, time and weight.
  • Recognise and respond to simple question forms common in the mathematics classroom.

What you need

  • Audio player
  • Scissors
  • Felt pens or coloured pencils
  • Glue
  • Poster paper
  • A quiet space where students feel comfortable listening and speaking
  • A range of easy factual readers
  • Bilingual dictionaries
  • Grammars and dictionaries for teacher reference

Monitoring and recording student progress

You can monitor and record student progress using the examples of good assessment practice in the English language learning progressions.

Published on: 08 Jan 2018