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Ministry of Education.

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Professional support for teachers and teacher aides

English Language Learning Progressions

The English Language Learning Progressions (ELLP) are key documents for the assessment, planning and teaching of English language learners. They help teachers to choose content, vocabulary, and tasks that are appropriate to each learner's age, stage, and language-learning needs. This may include learners for whom English is a first language but who would benefit from additional language support.

English Language Learning Progressions (ELLP) Pathway –Foundation to Stage 3 and ELLP Pathway Student Agency Record

ELLP Pathway Years 1–8.

The ELLP Pathway – Foundation to Stage 3 is an optional, supplementary resource to support the English Language Learning Progressions. It assists primary and intermediate teachers to plan appropriate support for English language learners. The ELLP Pathway – Foundation to Stage 3 provides an overview of the ELLP stages, focus questions, and ideas for better knowing and supporting learners, and links to a range of useful resources.

The ELLP Pathway Student Agency Record is a simplified version of the resource for use by learners and teachers to promote student agency and to help plan next learning steps.

ELLP Pathway professional development module

Teacher seated at a table talking to students next to her.

A short professional learning and development module to explain the key features of the ELLP Pathway resource. It is a useful resource for all staff working with emergent bilingual and multilingual students.

ELLP professional support modules

Teacher meeting.

This English Language Learning Progressions resource is made up of seven modules, and includes guidance on using the ELLP resource for planning and assessment. The resource uses written work and video exemplars so that you can look at the ELLP in your own school context.

The modules can be used in any order and can be used in a variety of ways – on your own, working in small groups, or as part of a whole staff activity. Each module might take about an hour to complete.

At the end of each module you will find suggestions about leading professional development sessions with other teachers.

Making Language and Learning Work

Making Language and Learning Work DVD Covers

The Making Language and Learning Work DVDs demonstrate how to effectively integrate content-area teaching and language learning in mainstream subject classrooms for students from diverse language backgrounds. They show how to integrate effective literacy strategies, and how a range of teachers in different subject areas scaffold language and content area learning. The materials model how to personalise learning by supporting students at different levels of English proficiency in a manageable way in mainstream classes.

Working with English Language Learners

Woman at her desk.

A series of short modules to support the professional development of learning assistants who work with students who are learning English as an additional language.

Teaching approaches and strategies that work cover image

Research reports

Research reports published to support ESOL teaching in a New Zealand context.

Refugee students with learning materials.

Professional Learning and Development

A collection of important resources, online communities, and support services for teachers of English Language Learners.

Updated on: 03 May 2022