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Water conservation

Water conservation | Climate change | Energy sources

This set of activities focuses water conservation and includes water use and water pollution.

Target vocabulary is introduced using a range of activity types.

The literary focus is reading information reports and includes identifying main ideas and details and co-operative reading.

Click on a link below to print/download a PDF file for each activity, which contains a teacher guide and student worksheet.

The downloads box on the right-hand side includes additional support material.

Focus on vocabulary    
6.1 Introducing conservation (PDF 868KB) Orientation  
6.2 Target vocabulary - water conservation (PDF 660KB) Word list
Track 6.2 (MP3 4MB)
6.3 Looking for water (PDF 49KB) Word/picture matching  
6.4 Organising target vocabulary - water conservation (PDF 35KB) Jumbled words  
6.5 Pronouncing target vocabulary - water conservation (PDF 38KB) Pronunciation  
6.6 Familiarisation with target vocabulary - water conservation (PDF 39KB) Word cards  
6.7 Finish this sentence - water conservation (PDF 36KB) Word forms  
6.8 Plural forms (PDF 188KB) Word/picture matching  
6.9 Writing target vocabulary - water conservation (PDF 189KB) Dictation  
6.10 Matching parts of sentences (PDF 408KB) Collocation  
6.11 Water conservation puzzle (PDF 38KB) Crossword  
Focus on reading information reports    
6.12 Introducing water conservation (PDF 37KB) Orientation  
6.13 Rangi's tears (PDF 366KB) Recognising pronouns  
6.14 Paragraph structure (PDF 51KB) Identifying main ideas and details  
6.15 Should we conserve water (PDF 220KB) Identifying main ideas and details  
6.16 Water pollution (PDF 313KB) Word meanings
Track 6.16 (MP3 4MB)
6.17 Saving water (PDF 60KB) Three-level guide  
6.18 A beautiful stream (PDF 791KB) Co-operative reading  

Published on: 08 Jan 2018