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Ministry of Education.

Snapshots for teaching and learning in ESOL

These stories provide examples of ideas and approaches some schools are using in their ESOL programmes.

Dominion Road School – A team approach to support for ELLs
Support for culturally and linguistically diverse learners and the TALL (Team Approach to Language Learners) project at Dominion Road School.

Howick Primary School – Creative use of ESOL room walls 
Sarah Aye is the ESOL teacher/coordinator at Howick Primary School. She leads the Howick primary ESOL PLC (professional learning community). Sarah has started using the walls of her classroom in a more strategic way. 

Broadgreen Intermediate – Creating a cultural quilt
The ELL programme at Broadgreen Intermediate is supported by Lynda Sutherland. Lynda works hard to know each student personally so that her work is authentic through her relational approach to students and their families.

Improving student writing with digital stories
Bridget Harrison, from Kimi Ora Community School, discusses how her students are using digital stories to scaffold the writing process. She explains that this new approach has led to significant improvements in asTTle writing data.

Hamilton Boys High School
HBHS is a very traditional school with a strong and successful academic focus. Working in an English language immersion setting in all areas of the curriculum is a challenge for new learners of English.

Updated on: 01 Nov 2019