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Target vocabulary

Each topic in the series introduces 60–80 words from the list of first 1,000 high-frequency words. New vocabulary is introduced in groups of 20. (It is assumed that students already have a knowledge of at least 300 words of English including numbers, times, colours, parts of the body and common prepositions and pronouns.)

Some of the target vocabulary in Weather and Conservation is from the 2,000 word list but is included because of its importance to the topic.

See the vocabulary lists for:


close dig end enemy hide
hungry like mark open place
rock rough sea slowly smooth
sun together use weather wet
body born breathe dark female
group grow hear help land
live look for male move produce
see smell warm water young
catch develop dry egg fly
hard inside light long narrow
run shell short sharp sing
small soft strong swim walk
about break (out) call change cold
colour different heavy hole human
join kind large outside pair
part plant sound touch usually

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above begin between bottom centre
cut draw find fold half
left length need pattern right
same shape side stop top
always below bend change circle
copy direction distance divide edge
equal flat leave main piece
show sign straight surface take
also building complete corner describe
form front height high measure
meet mixture only roof round
size solid try wide width

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air branch carry drop enough
flower fruit gas hold (up) leaf
light root seed soil space
system tube turn waste wind
answer bright dust explain finish
important learn listen (to) protect push
read repeat spell start store
study towards understand upwards write
along alternately autumn blow broad
conditions desert firmly ground lose
needle opposite outwards spread spring
summer survive tough tree winter

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accurately add almost base check
compare count easy estimate exact
less (than) metre more (than) multiply nearly
number problem subtract tool work (out)
afternoon amount clock date decide
earth evening hour know minute
month morning noon notice seem
spin time week whole year
better collect depend (on) difference difficult
effort expect force guess hang
lift parcel possible pull shop
standard stick string tie weigh

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area cause coast climate cool
effect evenly fall flow heat
low mountain pressure rarely region
rise speed temperature vary weather
continue cover damage electricity energy
explode fierce float flood freeze
fresh lake liquid loud melt
noise process river storm travel
cow dangerous dirty drink frighten
full hit huge pour race
realise roll roar shake sudden
tell terrible throw violent watch

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careful clean demand (for) factory farm
fuel future industry natural plenty (of)
pollute provide quality run out (of) save
stream substance supply transport wash
absorb act (like) agriculture avoid burn
contain decay destroy die efficient
prevent quantity radiate reach reduce
release responsible result source trap
atom battery burn bury chemical
dirty elastic include layer limit
mine power rate recent renew
special steam supply tide wise

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Published on: 08 Jan 2018