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Ministry of Education.

Frequently asked questions

These are questions that are being asked about how the site works and its future development. If you have a question that is not featured here, feel free to contact us directly and we will respond.

Q: I use the 'retired' English Online units all the time. What is going to happen to them?

A: Most of these are still available here. We recognise the value of these resources and the years spent developing them. They are currently being reviewed and will either be updated to align with the new curriculum, or moved into the relevant Teacher Resource Exchange. We are currently working towards the deadline of mid-September 2010 for completion of the review.

Q: Where have the old forums gone?

A: The forum has been replaced with six email-based mailing lists. You can subscribe to these by going to these links:

  • Secondary English
  • ICTs in English
  • Primary ESOL
  • Secondary ESOL
  • Primary Literacy
  • Secondary Literacy

There is a simple subscription process of entering your email and then you can respond to any of the posts that are sent out by list members.

Q: How do I get copies of resources that I see mentioned on the site?

A: The Ministry of Education has an online publications ordering service called Down the Back of the Chair. This is a searchable database that allows you to view and order products. Your school or Early Childhood Centre has a username and password to access this site.

Published on: 15 Jul 2010