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Ministry of Education.

English Language Intensive Programme Years 7-13

The English Language Intensive Programme (ELIP) Years 7-13 Resource is designed to support ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) programmes for students in Years 7-13. It is not intended to be a whole programme in itself, but provides guidelines for teachers of ESOL programmes by selecting some language outcomes and language learning focus points at three phases of English language learning.  

The ELIP resource includes:

  • an overview of the language outcomes focussed on in each Stage
  • an Orientation to Learning section at each Stage
  • example texts related to a range of curriculum areas for oral interaction, reading, understanding and responding and writing, at four levels of English, with annotations on text structure, language features and grammar scope to support each language outcome
  • suggested teaching components, sample strategies, suggested themes and experiences
  • suggested assessment tasks.

Effective Literacy Strategies in Years 9-13

It is envisaged that the ELIP Years 7-13 Resource could be used in conjunction with Effective Literacy Strategies in Years 9-13, which is the Ministry of Education’s support document for literacy learning across the curriculum in Years 9-13. This document is a rich source of research and guidance in effective teaching and learning, including “learning to learn” strategies and complements the ELIP Year 7-13 Resource. Available from  Down the Back of the Chair

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