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Ministry of Education.

Scaffolding learning

Making the text structures explicit

Text survey

Ask students to look through the short story and note the structure of the text, any differences in format, or any unusual words. Discuss why the author has used these devices. Encourage the students to make predictions about the setting, plot, characters and theme.

Read the text

Give English language learners the opportunity to re-read the text several times. They would also benefit from hearing it read aloud.

Using purposeful pair, group, and collaborative work

Students from diverse backgrounds bring a variety of experiences to the classroom that, if explored, will enrich all students' learning. In effective classrooms, teachers and students together construct a culture that values the strengths of all participants and values their interests, abilities, cultures and languages. Students and teachers shift among the roles of expert, researcher, learner, and teacher, supporting themselves and each other.

Modelling and group work are effective ways to provide feedback and reinforcement. These strategies allow students to see, hear and participate in the construction of solutions to the tasks we set students. 

Recycle the language orally

See Word clusters (Word 37KB) and Say it (Word 53KB) .

Teacher modelling and joint text construction

See Annotating exemplars (Word 52KB) and Joint construction before independent writing (Word 63KB) .

Published on: 09 Jan 2018