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Ministry of Education.

Job application letters

Teacher: Helen Nicholls


Curriculum area: English

Year: 10-13

Duration: 1-2 weeks

Language focus

  • Students analyse the language features and layout of a sample letter and become familiar with the terminology used to describe these features.

Learning outcomes

  •  Students write a letter of application for a job and use appropriate language features and layout

Teaching and learning sequence

  1. What should you include in a letter of application for a job?
    Give students KeyWords (Word 23KB) that they can sort into clusters of words that go together. Students do this individually at first and then in pairs before discussing the clusters in the full class.
     The purpose of a letter of application for a job is to let the employer know:
    •  that the student is interested in the job;
    •  that the student has the skills for the job;
    •  that the student can supply some documentation (such as c.v. and references);
    •  when the student is available to go to an interview or how she or he can contact you to discuss the job.
  2. A model (Word 32KB) of a LetterOfApplication (Word 33KB) for a job.
    Deconstruct this with the students.
  3. Teacher and students write a letter together.
    Using one of the JobPositions (Word 40KB) advertised in a local newspaper, the students and the teacher write a letter of application together on the whiteboard/blackboard.
  4. Do it yourself!
     Choose one of the four jobs advertised in the local newspaper, and write a letter of application for the position. Check that you have:

    • understood the key words in the advertisement ( where is the job, what sort of job is it and what experience or qualifications do you need?);
    • set out your letter like the model;
    • sent it to the right person;
    • included all the stages of the letter;
    • used accurate spelling and punctuation;
    • checked the language features.

    Make sure you draw up a stages column and show each stage of your letter.

Published on: 09 Jan 2018