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Learning task 4: Drafting a piece about your journey

  1. Read the four exemplars. Note that Going Up North is exemplar D. Discuss what aspects of the student writing are successful and what aspects could be developed further. Look at the assessment schedule which is also linked to the exemplars.
  2. Use your chart from task 2 to draft a piece describing your memories of a journey. Write at least 300 words. You may not include material from the exemplars in your own writing.
  3. After writing a first draft, work in pairs following the stages on the content card to help improve the content of each other's writing.
  4. Use the stylistic suggestions sheet as part of a focused drafting process.
  5. The structural suggestions sheet and characterisation sheet can be used in a similar way.
  6. Prior to writing the final draft, you should return to the assessment schedule and the exemplars to decide what changes or additions are needed for the final draft.
  7. Begin writing the final draft. At this point you will need access to dictionaries, spell checkers, language guides. Complete a final proof-read of your own writing.
  8. If you are serious about taking your writing further and want more writing advice, links to sites, organisations and magazines, you should visit The John Hewitt Society.

Published on: 09 Jan 2018