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Ministry of Education.

Read away

Teacher: Phil Coogan


Year: 9-10

Level: 3-6

Duration: 3 weeks

Achievement objective being assessed


  • Close reading
  • Transactional writing

Learning outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • discuss language, meanings, and ideas in a self-chosen narrative text relating their understanding to experience purposes and audience
  • use a reviewing style appropriate for publication, evaluate a narrative text for an audience of peers.

Supporting achievement objectives


  • Personal reading
  • Viewing

Learning outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • select and read independently, for enjoyment and information, a narrative text, integrating reading processes and using a variety of reading strategies
  • respond to and discuss various meanings, ideas and effects in a chosen book cover, describing how verbal and visual features are combined to present the book to its audience.




Exploring Language:

  • Identify, discuss and use the conventions and language features of a narrative text and discuss how they relate to the topic.

Language learning focus

Students will:

  • learn key words (Word 59KB)
  • read for enjoyment
  • talk about their reading in small groups
  • write a review of the book they have selected.


  •  students will discuss punctuation conventions through teacher led discussion.

How the language learning outcomes will be achieved:


 Teacher background reading


This unit is designed to allow students within a junior secondary class to choose fiction or non fiction texts to complete this self-paced and self directed assignment.

Teaching and learning activities

Select and adapt these learning activities to best meet the needs of your students, and to fit the time available:

Learning task 1

Learning task 2

Learning task 3

Learning task 4

Learning task 5


For an alternative assessment involving an oral book review, see this Assessment Resource Banks activity (ARB username and password required to view this resource)




Published on: 09 Jan 2018