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Learning task 3: Pre reading

 Use your teacher's normal format for presenting an assignment. This will probably include your name, the book you have chosen and the due date for the work.

  1. Photocopy and paste a copy of the cover of your book into your assignment.
  2. The Cover

     Analyse the cover as a static image. Use this to help you decide how the layout, dominant image, use of symbols, use of colour, font (especially the font used for the title) and background help convey the main message or idea of the cover.

  3. Read the blurb and, using the information you've gained from this, from the title and from your analysis of the cover, make a series of predictions about your text for each of the following headings:
    • the plot or story-line
    • the main character
    • the setting (the time and place where the story takes place)
    • the theme or main idea you think the author may want you to take from reading the story.
  4. Even before you've started reading, you now know quite a bit about the book you are going to read. Write down one burning question you have about the book that you hope will be answered as you read.

Published on: 09 Jan 2018