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Learning task 2

The lead story

Begin this learning task by revising the front page terms. Ask students to write down as many front-page terms as they can remember, without looking at their workbook.

Focus on the lead story. Ask students to listen carefully to the dictation:

"A lead story is the main news report on the front page of the paper. It has a headline, which is usually a banner headline, spreading across the page. The lead story is usually on the top left of the page. Sometimes a lead story has a picture with it. "

Students write the dictation into their books and check it against the model on the board.

Tell the students to look at the heading of the first section and to cover the text. Ask the students to write down their prediction of what they think the text will be about.

Read the the first sentence of the dictation to the students, asking them to see if their prediction was correct. Read the second and third sentences to the students, following as before. Ask students to write down one question about each sentence and ask a partner to answer their questions, either in written or oral form.

Language features of a lead story

Students complete work on the OrientationResourceSheet (Word 33KB) . Copy this table into your workbook.

5 Ws 1 H
Who When Where Why What How

Students read through the lead paragraphs of these lead stories. Ask them to fill in the table for each story, focusing on the orientation of the story.

Hand out the resource on the LanguageFeatures (Word 25KB) of a news report. Read through the sheet with the students. Ask students to choose one of the three lead paragraphs in the resource and copy it out.

Ask students to record:

  • the verb groups in each line and identify whether it is a past, present or future verb
  • the nouns in each line and identify whether it is a common or proper noun.

Look at paragraph two and ask students to identify the complex noun group from this paragraph. What does it tell us about the tourists?

Published on: 09 Jan 2018