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Learning task 8

Episode summaries

Vocabulary to be added to students' vocabulary rings and to be used when reading episode summaries to assist comprehension. An asterisk beside a word shows that it is within the first 3000 most commonly used words and really should be learned. Otherwise this list can just be given to students who need to read these summaries, to assist comprehension.

  • To be obsessed - to keep thinking about something so you can hardly think about anything else
  • To ponder - to think about something carefully
  • To confront - if you confront a problem you have to deal with it, if you confront a person you meet them face to face, especially when you are going to disagree or fight with them.
  • Dignity - if you show dignity you behave in a serious, calm, and controlled manner. Dignity also means worthy of respect.
  • A crush - a strong feeling of attraction for someone that doesn't usually last very long.
  • To sabotage - to deliberately damage something, or to deliberately stop something from being successful
  • Impending - if something is impending it is going to happen very soon.
  • Looming - if an event is looming it is going to happen soon and you think it will cause you problems

Episode 1: Being in Love
Eve questions the idea of true love but as soon as she convinces herself that there is no such thing, she is stopped in her tracks by the arrival of a new boy in the class, Adam Le Beau.

Episode 2: Being Popular
When Eve learns that she is one of the only people in her class not to have been invited to Charlotte's birthday party she attempts to maintain her dignity whilst pondering the meaning of popularity.

Episode 3: Being Beautiful
A school art assignment on the perfect human form leads to Eve becoming obsessed and she expresses her vision through moulding clay. Her fixation on the project leads her family to mistake her behaviour for an eating disorder. Meanwhile, Eve's friend, Sylvie, puts herself on a fad diet in order to curb her addiction to junk food.

Episode 4: Being Bad
Eve becomes concerned about her goody-good image and decides it's time to explore her wilder side. When Sylvie tells a fib to cover for Eve wagging school, it results in confusion for her mother and her classmates.

Episode 5: Being Kissed
With the school social looming, Eve sees the perfect opportunity to kiss Adam but is concerned about her lack of experience. Meanwhile, Sylvie hooks up with an older boy who got a girl pregnant at the last social.

Episode 6: Being Betrayed
Eve is forced to confront issues of friendship and loyalty when she learns that Sylvie and Adam are going to the movies together.

Episode 7: Being Scared
The night before school camp, Eve has a nightmare involving Sylvie, which causes her to ponder the nature of fear; and disaster strikes when Eve, Sylvie and Matt get lost on an orienteering race.

Episode 8: Being Just Mates
Adam comes to stay while his mother recovers from an accident that occurred as a result of her alcoholism. Eve wonders if it's really possible for boys and girls to be "just friends".

Episode 9: Being Different
Eve is confused about her relationship with Matt since their kiss, which causes her to consider the vast differences between males and females.

Episode 10: Being a Couple
Eve is disconcerted to learn that everyone treats her differently now that she is part of a "couple'" the new boy at school develops an intense crush on Sylvie but issues of race get in the way; and Eve and Matt have their first fight.

Episode 11: Being Dead
When Eve learns that her classmate has passed away after a long illness, she feels guilty for not visiting her in hospital or trying harder to be a friend. She is forced to ponder the meaning of death and also to confront her fear of funerals.

Episode 12: Being Pregnant
Eve learns that Alannah, her father's girlfriend, is trying to get pregnant and she tries to sabotage events - much to Tim and Alannah's growing frustration. When her family dramas start to overwhelm her, she turns to Adam who turns out to provide more than a shoulder to cry on.

Episode 13: Being Married
Eve can't bring herself to tell Matt about her new relationship with Adam and finds herself unwillingly deceiving both her boyfriends. Meanwhile, Vivienne, Eve's mother, struggles to come to terms with Alannah and Tim's impending wedding. The series ends as a cliff-hanger, with Eve and Adam kissing each other on a park bench.

Published on: 09 Jan 2018