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Learning task 2

Formative assessment phase

The formative assessment task focuses on Mrs Sheridan whereas the summative will be on a character in another text. Formative assessment is designed as practice for the summative task. However, as it is formative work, the teacher may intervene and re-teach as necessary at any time. Students identify the techniques used by Katherine Mansfield to draw attention to character.

Note: To avoid getting too close to the assessment task it is suggested that discussion on Mrs Sheridan is limited to the techniques of dialogue, event and repeated key words.

Note-taking strategy

  1. Present the Actions Showing Character (Word 40KB) to the class.
  2. Ask students to take notes on dialogue using a note-taking grid.
  3. Encourage students to complete the left hand side of the dialogue box by asking "How did Mrs Sheridan speak?". Reveal the answer to the class.
  4. Encourage students to complete the right hand side of the grid. Reveal the answers.
  5. Complete this note-taking strategy for repeated key words.
  6. Complete the notes for events in the story.
  7. Point out to students that this same procedure may be used to make notes for the summative assessment task.

Review the assessment task

  1. Review The Garden Party Exemplar A achieved (Word 12KB) , The Garden Party exemplar B (Word 18KB) , and The Garden Party exemplar C (Word 16KB) . Students highlight the statement, explanation, examples and comments in different colours for each of the three body paragraphs in exemplars A and B. Model the first paragraph to the class. Also ask students to identify the differences between Exemplars A and B [Achieved] and Exemplar C [Not Achieved].
  2. Explain the assessment conditions using the TeacherInstructionSheet (Word 30KB) . Guide students through the practice assessment task providing the level of help required.
  3. Complete the IdeasPage (Word 25KB) in pairs. Show students the model answer after they have attempted the task so that they can make changes if necessary.
  4. Model an essay planning page. Emphasise that the planning page is for planning and notes.
  5. While students are drafting their essays rove around the room checking that they are completing the task correctly and give assistance as required similar to the format allowable under summative conditions.
  6. Check student work between lessons and provide assistance as required.
  7. Review the editing process
  8. Provide the ModelAnswerMrsSheridan (RTF 17KB) on Mrs Sheridan for students to compare to their essay. Hold an individual consultation to provide feedback on problems prior to commencing the summative task.

Published on: 25 Jun 2009