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Inglewood children talk about a tornado: Unit Standard 15009

Understand spoken information in a range of contexts, using ESOL 15009, version 4
 Level 3 5 Credits  


This unit standard has two elements:

Element 1 – you must show that you can listen to and understand information from two spoken texts on different topics from different individual speakers;

Element 2 – you must show that you can listen to and understand two interviews or exchanges on different topics.


  • Parts of the spoken text may be repeated once on request.
  • Responses must be given without prompting.
  • Understanding may be demonstrated by oral or written response.
  • Written responses need not be grammatically correct, but errors must not interfere with meaning.

Teachers notes

These tasks have been pre-critiqued by a moderator of ESOL unit standards. It cannot be said that they have been moderated because they have not been through the formal NZQA moderation process.


"A Bit of a Blow" by David Hill, in Choices Emergency 111, Also in School Journal, Part 2 Number 1, 1991.

Use the audio tape that accompanies the School Journal.

Learning tasks

Task 1

Start the tape at the beginning of side 2.

Task 2

Use the first part of the second section – from the first question, "Well, first of all, what is a tornado?" to the interviewer's statement, "But the destruction wasn't funny."

Student sheet (Word 26KB)

Assessment schedule - Task 1, Element 1 (Word 48KB)

Assessment schedule - Task 2, Element 2 (Word 57KB)

Published on: 22 Jun 2009