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Ministry of Education.

Learning task 1

Developing reading skills

1. Issue each student with a copy of the short story The Garden Party.

2. The teacher reads, or better still, plays a dramatised tape while students follow the story on their copies. It is suggested that you break the text into three parts or page by page. After each reading: clarify, question, summarise and predict similar to the reciprocal reading process, for example:

  • Ask students if they require any words clarified.
  • Ask if there are any questions about parts they don't understand.
  • Ask students to summarise what has happened
  • Ask students to predict what will happen next.

3. To encourage confidence with reading model the reading strategies at the end of the vocabulary worksheet and loan out the tape.

Preparing to write

The activities in this section are designed to provide students with the techniques and skills required for writing a characterisation. Tasks focus on sentence structure, developing and organising ideas and essay structure. They are sequenced in order for teaching, but the order may be changed.

See also, Characterisation from the English Online Unit, Writing for Publication

  • Students may complete the grammar (Word 30KB) tasks for homework or the class jointly work through the Grammar Comprehension Task - Answers (Word 30KB) .
  • To assist students' in organising their ideas use a graphic organiser to complete the LiteraryWeb (RTF 3MB) or model the LiteraryWebAnswers (RTF 3MB) .
  • Prepare the mix and match quoteMatchingActivity ( 41KB) prior to the lesson.
    •  o Students complete the mix and match activity using the first envelope.
    •  o Students make their own notes using the worksheet.
    •  o Review the answers by completing the mix and match activity using both envelopes.
    •  o Expand students' knowledge of descriptive words for character traits. The worksheet may be completed for homework.
  • As a class complete the characterisation web or model the answer on an OHP.
  • Explicitly teach exemplification using the worksheet with a focus on accurate grammar.
  • Allow able students to complete the worksheet on referents or project an OHP of the worksheet onto the whiteboard. Invite individual students to mark their answers on the whiteboard. Students then complete their own worksheets.
  • Elicit from the class, or explicitly explain, techniques the writer uses to show character traits. Jointly complete a concept map on the whiteboard. At the same time students take notes on their own concept map which should be checked for accuracy as they may be referred to for the summative task. Complete the narrative technique task.
  • Prepare in advance the paragraph reconstruction task for students to complete in small groups. Discuss or revise paragraph structure.
  • Explicitly teach writing an introduction and discuss language features

Published on: 24 Jun 2009