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You be the judge

Writers: Jill Crewe and Jessica Holden

NCEA Level: 2 Duration: 4 weeks

Achievement standard being assessed

AS90376 (English 2.2):

  • Produce crafted and developed formal transactional writing.

Achievement standard 90376 assesses similar outcomes to unit standard 8825 [Produce transactional written text in complex forms].

Both standards require the same overall standard of writing to gain achievement [2.2] and credit [8825].

Even though the two standards assess similar outcomes, there are some differences in terminology. The term "conventions" is used in performance criteria 1.3 [8825] to mean style and structure. "Conventions" in the formal writing achievement standard refers to grammar, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

The standard of technical accuracy required in 8825's pc 1.4: " Final product is crafted to publication standard" is identical to achievement level for 2.2 conventions criterion: "use writing conventions accurately."

Achievement criteria

  • Develop and support ideas in a piece of formal transactional writing.
  • Craft writing to create effects that are appropriate to audience, purpose and text type.
  • Structure material in a way that is appropriate to audience, purpose and text type.
  • Use writing conventions accurately.

Language learning outcomes

Students will:

  • learn and use film terminology
  • revise and use correct syntax
  • learn and use correct paragraph structure - using topic sentence, explanation and example
  • use an appropriate structure for a film review

Curriculum links

This achievement standard is derived from English in the New Zealand Curriculum, Learning Media, Ministry of Education, 1994, up to and including Level 7.

Writing: Transactional Writing, Exploring Language, Thinking Critically, often with links to Processing Information

 with links to

Reading: Personal Reading, Close Reading

Speaking: Using Texts

Listening: Listening to Texts.

Guidelines for use

Students write and develop a film review suitable for publication in a school newspaper. The review must be on a film studied in class.


The same conditions for assessment apply when assessing the internally assessed writing achievement standard 90376 Produce crafted and developed formal transactional writing [2.2] and unit standard 8825 [Produce transactional written text in complex forms] - or any internally assessed unit or achievement writing standard at any level. Teachers must be satisfied that the work is the students'. Students should complete internally assessed writing work class. If the pieces are to be assessed for summative assessment, teachers should ensure that the extent of teacher input does not compromise assessment validity; in other words, the writing is the students', not the teachers'.

This is an internal assessment and as such should be worked on only in the classroom under teacher supervision. To ensure authenticity, students work should be held by the teacher between periods.

Teachers may guide students actively through the initial tasks helping them to identify techniques mentioned. Teachers may show how the techniques used in the exemplars can be applied to students' own writing.

As they develop drafts, teachers can advise students that their writing may need further work on ideas, language, structure or accuracy in spelling, punctuation or paragraphing but not correct errors. Students should have access to dictionaries to check their writing. Word processing is acceptable providing it is done under teacher supervision.

Consultation should occur with each student prior to the final submission. Students should have several opportunities during the year to develop their transactional writing skills.

NB: Teachers using this unit will need to check that it accords with their school assessment policy.

Teacher background reading

Teaching and learning activities

Learning task 1

Learning task 2

Learning task 3


Assessment task

WritingAFilmReview (Word 29KB)
AssessmentSchedule (Word 44KB)




Published on: 25 Jun 2009