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Ministry of Education.

Learning task 3

To assist with forming an argument, students participate in an activity similar to a debate called Academic Controversy. Procedures for this activity are online at the Tasmania English Learning Area. Write the topic for the Academic Controversy, "New Zealand and Australia should have a common border for trade purposes", on the whiteboard.

Extracting and organising Information

 The Information Transfer (Word 29KB) is a graphic organiser to help students organise their ideas for transactional writing.

Preparing to learn at sentence level

  1. This range of tasks prepares students for learning, but is placed at the end of the unit as the tasks are designed to introduce the exemplars.
  2. The Referral words (Word 44KB) task focus on pronouns.
  3. The cohesion (Word 33KB) task can be completed independently or explain how to complete the worksheets and model the first answer.
  4. To help students integrate quotes into text a quotes activity (Word 28KB) activity is included.

Published on: 15 Jul 2009