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Learning task 3

Language features of a recount

See English Online Features of text forms, Recounts, to teach the Language Features and text structure typical of recounts. Treat as for reports. Teachers will find Patterns of text: genre useful. In this, there is a paragraph about the purpose of a recount.

Group work

Student language objectives include predicting, learning vocabulary, reading and comprehension, recognising language features and text structure typical of a recount. Teacher should organise students into small groups.

  1.  Each group needs to discuss and answer the sheet Analysing a Recount (Word 30KB) relating it to the text A cancer survivor shares her story (Word 43KB) from Tearaway magazine.
  2. Each student will need to have a copy of the sheet.
  3. A group report should be submitted to the teacher by each group.
  4. See Answers-recount (Word 33KB) .
  5. After marking the group report the teacher could issue copies of the answers and go through these with students.

Published on: 24 Jun 2009