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Learning task 4

Expected time frame: 3-4 lessons

These activities provide a scaffolded opportunity for students to read and take notes and write paragraphs in a collaborative setting.

  • Ask students to choose another explorer in Antarctica e.g. Sir Peter Blake. Using the headings in the grid (Word 26KB) , students work in groups of four to research their explorer by using the internet and print resources and make dot and jot notes under each of the headings. Sources must be included below the grid. Students could select specific headings to work on to ensure that all contribute to the task.
  • In their groups students write a joint construction paragraph about their chosen explorer and his/her role in Antarctica. The paragraph must include a topic sentence and supporting details. Each student makes a copy of the group paragraph. Ask the students to use the checklist (Word 28KB) to check their writing.

Upon completion of these formative tasks, students could be summatively assessed against Unit standard 27983: Read and understand simple texts on familiar topics (expired). See the Antarctica assessment task and schedule for ESOL US 2986 in Assessment and Evaluation below.

Published on: 09 Jan 2018