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Lesson 6

Learning Outcome

  • Identify regular shapes in composite area problems.
  • Use systematic setting out for completing complex area problems.

Language Outcome

  • Use the language of negotiation to decide on the order of steps for solving a complex composite area problem (Mine goes first...I don't think that is right...).
lesson 6
Teaching and learning activities  
Write the Lesson and Language Outcomes on the board. Principles 2, 3

Strip Stories

  • Introduce the first strip story problem.

    problem 1
  • Cut out and distribute Strip Story (RTF 609KB) to pairs of students.
  • Pairs of students order the cards to solve the problem. If a native speaker is partnered with an ESOL student, talk with the native speaker about his/her role in checking for understanding and modelling appropriate language use. Students must place the appropriate 'comment' card alongside each step.
  • Move on to Problem 2 and 3. Students fill in the cards of any missing working and solve the problems. Problem 2 has some missing information on the cards. Problem 3 has all scaffolding removed. The teacher moves around the groups listening to the talk joining the discussion where language or conceptual support is needed.

    problem 2
  • problem 3
  • Set further composite area problems for practice.
Principles 3, 5, 6

Published on: 19 Feb 2018