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Ministry of Education.

Lesson 11

Learning Outcome

  • Review the measurement topic.
  • Design context problems which consider the type of problem, appropriateness of the answer.
  • Solve a variety of measurement problems.

Language Outcome

  • Work out the missing words in a Measurement Cloze (RTF 233KB) using clues within the text.
  • Design measurement problems using the language of maths problems.
lesson 11
Teaching and Learning activities:  
Write the Lesson and Language Outcomes on the board. Principles 2, 3

Measurement Cloze

  • Give students the measurement cloze exercise. Students work individually, writing in the missing words. Pair up students. Each pair discusses their answers deciding on the most appropriate word for each blank. Combine each pair with another pair (to form groups of 4). Compare answers.
  • As a class run through the 'model answer' and decide find out which group was closest.
Principles 3, 7

Cart before the horse

  • Organise class into pairs. Each pair has an envelope. In each envelope is an answer. Students design a maths problem in context which gives this answer. When they have finished they place the question (neatly written) and answer back into the envelope. Hand to the teacher.
  • Students then collect a different question and solve it. They can check their answer before swapping for a new problem.
Principles 5

Published on: 19 Feb 2018