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Lesson 4

Learning Outcome

  • Calculate the perimeter of shapes, and composite shapes (including circles).

Language Outcome

  • Identify key words in perimeter type problems.
lesson 4
Teaching and learning activities  
Write the Lesson and Language Outcomes on the board. Principles 2, 3

"Terry has entered a running race. The track is shown below. What distance will he run if he does 2 laps?"

  • Discuss the problem shown above. Focus on key words and trying to establish what we are being asked to find (for example, distance, how far, total length around the outside...). What shapes is this running track made up of?
  • Show a couple of other running tracks (RTF 156KB) .
  • Formalise discussions. Introduce the word perimeter. Discuss finding the perimeter of common shapes, especially rectangles and circles (circumference). (Further discussion on how the formulae for circle circumference may be required for some classes.)
Principle 4

Vocab List

  • Students scan their vocab list and look for words that they have seen in today's lesson. Can they improve their definition? Give students 3-4 minutes to discuss with partner. Students complete the After column with their new definition.
Principles 5, 7

Published on: 19 Feb 2018