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This set of activities focuses on time and includes days of the week and months.

Target vocabulary is introduced using a range of activity types.

The literary focus is listening to expressions of time and includes question forms and different ways to express time.

Click on a link below to print/download a PDF file for each activity, which contains a teacher guide and student worksheet.

The downloads box on the right-hand side includes additional support material.

Focus on vocabulary    
4.21 Introducing time (PDF 527KB) Orientation
Track 4.21 (MP3 2MB)
4.22 Sun and moon (PDF 310KB) Information transfer
Track 4.22 (MP3 3MB)
4.23 Target vocabulary - time (PDF 185KB) Word list
Track 4.23 (MP3 4MB)
4.24 Noun or verb (PDF 36KB) Identifying parts of speech  
4.25 Pronouncing target vocabulary - time (PDF 36KB) Pronunciation  
4.26 Familiarisation with target vocabulary - time (PDF 29KB) Word cards  
4.27 Recognising time expressions (PDF 27KB) Bingo  
4.28 Solomon Grundy (PDF 227KB) Using time expressions
Track 4.28 (MP3 578KB)
4.29 Time game (PDF 226KB) Using time expressions  
4.30 Monday's child (PDF 36KB) Using time expressions
Track 4.30 (MP3 751KB)
4.31 What's the time (PDF 32KB) Using time expressions  
4.32 Making sentences about time (PDF 28KB) Collocation  
4.33 Time puzzle (PDF 28KB) Crossword  
4.34 Comparing calendars (PDF 37KB) Using time expressions  
Focus on listening to expressions of time    
4.35 Introducing listening to times (PDF 74KB) Recognising time expressions  
4.36 Listening to times (PDF 35KB) Recognising time expressions
Track 4.36 (MP3 1MB)
4.37 Listening to and writing times (PDF 31KB) Recognising time expressions  
4.38 Questions about time (PDF 53KB) Question forms
Track 4.38 (MP3 2MB)
4.39 Present and past tense (PDF 39KB) Verb forms
Track 4.39 (MP3 3MB)
4.40 Date formats (PDF 55KB) Recognising time expressions
Track 4.40 (MP3 1MB)
4.41 Diary entries (PDF 52KB) Listening accuracy
Track 4.41 (MP3 1MB)
4.42 Timetables (PDF 85KB) Reading timetables  
4.43 30 days have September, April, June and November (PDF 83KB) Rhyme memorisation
Track 4.43 (MP3 3MB)

Published on: 08 Jan 2018