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Length | Time | Weight

This set of activities focuses on length and includes distance and perimeter.

Target vocabulary is introduced using a range of activity types.

The literary focus is reading mathematical problems and includes reading various types of graphs.

Click on a link below to print/download a PDF file for each activity, which contains a teacher guide and student worksheet.

The downloads box on the right-hand side includes additional support material.

Focus on vocabulary    
4.1 Introducing length (PDF 616KB) Orientation  
4.2 Measuring length (PDF 726KB) Measuring and estimating
Track 4.2 (MP3 3MB)
4.3 Target vocabulary - length (PDF 179KB) Word list
Track 4.3 (MP3 4MB)
4.4 Organising target vocabulary - length (PDF 28KB) Jumbled words  
4.5 Pronouncing target vocabulary - length (PDF 31KB) Pronunciation  
4.6 Familiarisation with target vocabulary - length (PDF 29KB) Word cards  
4.7 Mathematical signs (PDF 51KB) Using symbols
Track 4.7 (MP3 2MB)
4.8 Length target vocabulary - same or different (PDF 85KB) Equations  
4.9 Comparing length (PDF 189KB) Using comparative adjectives  
4.10 Drawing fish (PDF 485KB) Listening to and following instructions  
4.11 Describing length (PDF 114KB) Using adjectives and adverbs  
4.12 Present and past tense (PDF 312KB) Verb forms
Track 4.12a (MP3 2MB)
Track 4.12b (MP3 809KB)
Focus on reading mathematical problems    
4.13 Reading a mathematical problem (PDF 94KB) Identifying information  
4.14 Finding perimeter (PDF 118KB) Identifying information  
4.15 Add, subtract, multiply or divide (PDF 141KB) Mathematical operations  
4.16 Medals (PDF 134KB) Reading tables  
4.17 How far is that (PDF 93KB) Reading distance tables  
4.18 How tall (PDF 95KB) Reading bar graphs  
4.19 How high (PDF 46KB) Reading line graphs  
4.20 Fishing limits (PDF 480KB) Reading tables  

Published on: 08 Jan 2018