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Lesson 9: Activities we like part 2

Specific objectives
The children will:

  • use structure simple sentences explaining an activity each group member likes
  • use the conjunction 'and' to structure longer, more complex sentences.


Lesson sequence

  1. Begin by revising the sentences learnt in lesson eight, using information on the A3 sized grid.
  2. Write 'and' on the whiteboard. Model sentences using 'and' to join two pieces of information. For example "Yujin likes swimming and Diane likes swimming." Or "Diane likes swimming and Mary likes playing basketball."
  3. Encourage the students to structure sentences in this way.
  4. Students can complete page 10 of the student booklet, using the A3 grid already completed as a guide. As they are completing their pictures the teacher can work with individual students helping them to say the sentences.
  5. As the students finish their pictures they can work with a buddy practicing the sentences.

Note: If you feel the students find it easy to structure sentences using 'and' you could introduce another conjunction 'but'. Use 'and' to join two pieces of the same information, and use 'but' to join two pieces of different information. For example:

  • "Mary likes playing basketball and Sione likes playing basketball."
  • "Yujin likes swimming but Helen likes reading."

Published on: 09 Jan 2018