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Lesson 7: Favourite activities at school

Specific objectives
The children will:

  • ask and answer questions about activities at school that they like.


  • booklet (RTF 852KB)
  • pictures of various school activities e.g. swimming, playing soccer, children reading (there are many sets of these which can usually be found with the social studies resources in most schools). Have a post-it labels on each picture, naming the activity.


  • Make a smiley face for each student and for yourself.
  • Prepare a question and answer card with the text "What do you like doing at school? I like ________________."

Lesson sequence

  1. Revise page eight in the student booklet about what happens in the school day.
  2. Use your smiley face to put beside your pictures on page eight and explain which parts of the day you like e.g "I like lunch time."
  3. Give the children a smiley face each and ask them to say which parts of the day they like, while looking at page eight in their student booklet.
  4. Use blue tack to attach your pictures to the whiteboard and put your smiley face beside the things you enjoy. Each time say the sentence "I like _______."
  5. Ask the children to come up and hold their smiley face beside something they like. Ask them the question "What do you like doing at school?" Encourage them to answer "I like ____________."
  6. Practise step five lots of times and allow students to have many turns. Allow students to have turns being the 'teacher' asking the question. Have the question and answer card where all students can see it.
  7. Put the students in pairs and let them practise the question and answer sequence with several different partners.
  8. Model drawing pictures of two things you like doing on page nine of the student booklet.
  9. The students should complete page nine of the student booklet. Either the student or the teacher should complete the sentence above each picture.
  10. When all the students have finished their pictures and sentences, they should share what they have drawn and written with the group.

Published on: 09 Jan 2018