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Lesson 8: Activities we like part 1

Specific objectives
The children will:

  • structure simple sentences explaining an activity each group member likes.


  • booklet (RTF 852KB)
  • pictures used in lesson seven
  • question and answer card used in lesson seven


  • Make an A3 size copy of the grid on page 10 of the student booklet.
  • Cut a blank piece of paper for each student to draw on to paste into the 'Picture' column of the large grid.

Lesson sequence

  1. Display the pictures used in the lesson seven. Begin by revising the question answer sequence introduced in lesson seven.
  2. Each student in turn, should read page seven of their student booklet.
  3. Model drawing a picture of an activity you like and paste this onto the large A3 size grid. Fill in the first two columns of the grid with your name and the name of the activity you have drawn.
  4. Give each student a piece of paper to draw a picture of an activity on.
  5. Each student should paste their picture onto the grid and the teacher should write in their name and the name of the activity.
  6. When each student has completed a row on the grid seat them where they can all see the chart.
  7. Encourage the students to say simple sentences using the information on the grid. You may have to model first e.g. "Diane likes _________.

Published on: 09 Jan 2018