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Ministry of Education.

Lesson 5: Getting to know my school part 2

Specific objectives
The children will:

  • revise question and answer sequences from previous lessons;
  • locate important places in the school;
  • learn and practise vocabulary related to important places in the school.


Lesson sequence

  1. Have the map on the whiteboard. Ask the question "Where is the________?" Individual children can come and point to the appropriate place on the map and answer "Here it is." Remember to talk about the places you saw during the previous lesson.
  2. Go for another walk around the school and follow the same procedure as for the previous lesson. Make sure you visit the office, hall, and library.
  3. Follow steps 6 - 10 as described in lesson four, but focus on the office, hall, and library.


  • You may need to spend more time on these lessons and include other important places in your school. You can add pages to the student booklet for pictures of additional places if you wish.
  • Use the photos to motivate talk among the students. You may like to make a wall story or a book using the photos. Make up the text and include the students' names and the vocabulary you have introduced. Read the book or wall story with the students as often as possible.

Published on: 09 Jan 2018