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Ministry of Education.

Come fly a kite

Teacher: Anne Girven

Adapted for ESOL students: Elise Soothil

Year: 4
Level: 2
Duration: 4 weeks

Achievement objectives


  • Close reading
  • Transactional writing

Learning outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • respond to meanings and ideas in procedural text (kite flying, kite making)
  • write instructions (make a kite)
  • recount events (kite flying).

Supporting achievement objectives





Exploring language:

  • Exploring the language of procedural text forms.

Thinking critically:

  • Express meanings in written texts, using knowledge and personal experience.

Processing information:

  • Identify, retrieve, record and present information related to kite making and related experiences.

Language learning focus

Specific language learning outcomes

Students will:

  • learn key vocabulary
  • talk in small groups as they follow instructions
  • through teacher led discussion develop their understandings of instructions and recounts
  • develop their understanding of word endings.

The language learning outcomes will be achieved by:

  • a focus on KeyWords (Word 83KB) and teaching context specific vocabulary explicitly
  • using students' real experiences as a basis for discussion
  • scaffolding students understanding through teacher and peer modeling and thinking aloud techniques (Word 52KB)
  • using learningActivities (Word 45KB) to foster group discussion
  • incorporating language activities into the unit
  • providing scaffolded writing frames to help structure recounts and instructions
  • providing high frequency joining wordcards (Word 35KB) to help structure instructions and recounts.

Teacher background reading

Teaching and learning activities

Select and adapt these learning activities to best meet the needs of your students, and to fit the time available:

Learning task 1

Learning task 2


Assessment task

On-going assessment, monitoring the students' ability to read and follow instructions (teacher).

Introduce and discuss key indicators with the class. To design and write instructions on how to make a kite (student).

Self Assessment (RTF 248KB)

Assessment Schedule (RTF 38KB)

School Journals

(Go to Journal Surf to search for more School Journal texts)

The Kite Festival 1995 Pt 2 No 5 A 8-9 yrs
Kite's First Flight 1986 Pt 3 No 3 Poem
Kite-maker of Kota Bahru 1980 Pt 3 No 1 A 9-10
Go, fly a kite 1990 Pt 1 No 2 S < 8
Hokianga Kite Man 1992 Pt 3 No 2 S 8-9
On Windy Days 1990 JJ 5 Poem


Published on: 09 Jan 2018