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Ministry of Education.

Learning task 7

Learning Intentions

We are learning to:

  • self and buddy evaluate our learning
  • share and celebrate our learning
Key Competencies Thinking
Using Language Symbols & Texts
Relating to Others
Principles and values High Expectations
Treaty of Waitangi
Learning to Learn
Community Engagement
Community and Participation

‘My Family Treasure’


Self and peer-evaluation of writing

Once students have been given an appropriate length of time for describing their family treasure, they are able to edit and proofread their work independently and with a buddy.


Revisit the Big Idea for the final time with students recording their thinking on Template 2 - Before, During and After (Word 2007 17KB) .

  • In what ways has your thinking changed?
  • Why do you think it has changed?
  • Is this important for me to learn?

Sharing our learning / culminating activity

  • Take photographs of students with their treasure to add it to their writing.
  • Students publish their work.
  • Invite their families / whanau to the classroom to listen to the work as they share their learning with the class, being prepared to answer any further questions about the family treasures
  • Teacher evaluates effectiveness of learning tasks. Do the students understand the Big Idea?

We are learning to share our cultural practices so we have understanding of differences between me and others, which leads to empathy and tolerance of all people in our world.

Published on: 09 Jan 2018