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Learning task 1

Learning Intentions

We are learning to:

  • research the origin and meaning of our given names
  • ask questions that elicit information from others
  • present visual information effectively

Key vocabulary / structures


My name is…

My name means …

Key Competencies Using Language Symbols & Texts
Relating to Others
Participating and Contributing
Principles and values Cultural Diversity
Community Engagement
Community and Participation

‘Here’s My History’ (Name Tag)

The teaching and learning sequence begins with 2 tasks that are an adaptation of ‘ Here’s My History.


  • coloured paper, colouring in items, glue etc to make name tags by hand
  • computers with a suitable programme (eg. Publisher) to make name tags using ICT
  • baby names book or http://www.babynames.com/
  • room on classroom wall for display including learning intentions.  Resource 1 - Big Idea (PDF 69KB)

Students are being asked to think about the question:

What’s the meaning behind our names?

Teacher: creates a model ‘name tag’ (as big as a book mark) that has their full name and the origin and meaning of her/his name. It may also include something they know about why they were given that name.

We are learning to ask questions that elicit information from others.

Teacher: discuss open and closed questions. Model writing closed questions that elicit small amounts of specific information. What information do we want from our family / whanau?

  • How was my name chosen?
  • What does my name mean?
  • Do you like your name?
  • Were you going to be called anything else?

Home Learning links

Students write questions to ask their family / whanau about the origin and meaning of each of their names (including given/middle/family names etc.). Encourage students to ask their family to write their name using their own language script.

In class, make name tags to display on the class wall.

Published on: 09 Jan 2018