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Ministry of Education.

Learning task 6

Learning Intentions

We are learning to:

  • write a description of a family treasure
  • share our treasures with others

Key vocabulary / structures

pronoun reference

conjunctions of reason (because)



Key Competencies Thinking
Using Language Symbols & Texts
Managing self
Principles and values High Expectations
Learning to Learn

‘My Family Treasure’



Warm up: Choose from either of the previous warm ups (Concept circle / Disappearing definition).

Teacher: Review the previous lesson. What were we learning to do in the last lesson? What are some of the language features of a description? Recap some of the features using the Template 10 - Checklist for writing (Word 2007 18KB)

Explain the learning intentions for this lesson. We are learning to…


In order to support students who write at different levels, writing frames are prepared for three different stages: independent, some support with sentence starters, and those who need closer teacher support. Students are given the options and asked to choose which one suits them best:


Thumbs up or quick signal of who is satisfied with what they have achieved.

Published on: 09 Jan 2018