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Mammals | Birds | Insects | Molluscs | Describing animals

This set of activities focuses on mammals, including sheep, hedgehogs, elephants, rhinoceroses, bats and possums.

Target vocabulary is introduced using a range of activity types.

The literary focus is reading information reports and includes text prediction and organisation, verb recognition and use, and question forms.

Click on a link below to print/download a PDF file for each activity, which contains a teacher guide and student worksheet.

The downloads box on the right-hand side includes additional support material.




Focus on vocabulary    
1.1 Introducing mammals (PDF 4MB) Orientation
Track 1.1 (MP3 2MB)
1.2 Target vocabulary – mammals (PDF 794KB) Word list
Track 1.2 (MP3 3MB)
1.3 Identifying target vocabulary – mammals (PDF 31KB) Wordfind  
1.4 Pronouncing target vocabulary – mammals (PDF 70KB) Pronunciation  
1.5 Recognising target vocabulary – mammals (PDF 23KB) Bingo  
1.6 Organising target vocabulary – mammals (PDF 24KB) Jumbled words  
1.7 Writing target vocabulary – mammals (PDF 70KB) Dictation  
1.8 Familiarisation with target vocabulary – mammals (PDF 25KB) Word cards  
1.9 Which are mammals (PDF 136KB) Grid completion  
1.10 Matching adjectives and nouns (PDF 218KB) Collocation  
1.11 Listening to pictures of mammals (PDF 266KB) Word/picture matching
Track 1.11 (MP3 2MB)
1.12 Tell me about mammals (PDF 677KB) Describing pictures  
Focus on reading information reports    
1.13 Introducing hedgehogs (PDF 568KB) Text prediction  
1.14 Information about hedgehogs (PDF 239KB) Text organisation
Track 1.14 (MP3 2MB)
1.15 Information about elephants (PDF 75KB) Organising information  
1.16 Using ‘be’ and ‘have’ (PDF 200KB) Recognising verbs  
1.17 Information about rhinoceroses (PDF 224KB) Using verbs  
1.18 Questions about hedgehogs (PDF 515KB) Question forms  
1.19 Information about bats (PDF 418KB) Graphic organisation
Track 1.19 (MP3 2MB)
1.20 Information about possums (PDF 176KB) Three-level guide  

Published on: 08 Jan 2018