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Graphic organisers

Relationships between ideas and common patterns

A graphic organiser is an organisational, instructional tool used to help students think about and use text patterns and structures. They can also be used to record prior knowledge about a topic or section of text. Some commonly used graphic organisers are: venn diagrams, concept stars, concept maps, double entry journals, T-charts, KWL charts, story maps, reading overview grids, structured overview and word clusters.

A graphic organiser benefits an ELL student because it is a visual aid. The purpose of these classroom tools is to arrange information so it can be seen in an organised fashion. They are used to support a student’s language learning across all language modes. Read more at: Graphic Organisers Help ELL Students

Watch these short videos to see graphic organisers being used in a primary classroom and in a secondary classroom



Teaching and learning sequence planning examples:

Primary level:

Secondary level:

Published on: 18 Dec 2017