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Verb story

Verb story

How to use a verb story

The teacher tells a story and as the teacher talks she writes the verbs on the whiteboard, each verb on a new line.

The students retell the story, using the verbs as prompts. They can then write the story and compare their version with the original. In this way a skills flow is used. The students listen, then speak, then write, and lastly they compare and notice the language differences.

Benefits of verb stories

They help students to:

  • focus when listening
  • notice and use correct verb forms
  • retell with appropriate scaffolding (the students hear the same story more than once and they use the verbs as prompts). When the students have retold the story once or twice orally each students writes the story. There should be no verb mistakes.

Watch this video to see verb story being used in a year 11 geography class

Teaching and learning sequence planning examples:

Primary level:

Secondary level:

Published on: 18 Dec 2017