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Learning task 8

Language and literacy intention(s)

We are learning to:

  • assess our lanterns against our design brief and construction criteria.

We are using our knowledge of procedural writing to write a set of instructions for the construction of a lantern.

Opportunities for Key
competencies development


Using Language, Symbols and Texts                                                                                

Principles and values

High Expectations



Lesson 8

Teacher reviews the language features and structure of a procedure (Appendix 4- - Instructions for Making a Simple Lantern).

On completion of their lanterns, the students use their journal notes to complete a set of instructions.  The instructions are written up in the lantern construction graphic organiser.

Completed lanterns are displayed around the room. Each student has the opportunity to talk about their lantern and explain how they think it meets the design brief and construction criteria. A speaking frame (Appendix 13 – Lanterns Speaking Frame) should be used for those students who need support in structuring their oral presentation (refer reference list for information regarding speaking frames).

The teacher explains how to use the lantern assessment sheet (Appendix 12 - Lanterns Assessment).

The teacher and students (students in pairs) independently assess their classmates’ lanterns using the assessment sheet.

The teacher conducts a feedback session when all of the assessment sheets have been collated to discuss the assessments.

What were some common elements?

Which lanterns best meet the criteria?

Published on: 26 Jun 2018