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Ministry of Education.

Learning task 5

Language and literacy intention(s)

We are learning to:

  • design a lantern against the set of criteria
  • create a list of equipment and materials
  • make a simple scale drawing.
Opportunities for Key
competencies development

Managing Self


Using Language, Symbols and Texts                                                                                

Principles and values

Learning to learn

Innovation, enquiry and curiosity  

Lesson 5 – Planning of lantern design.

Teacher reviews lesson 4.

Please note: Each student will use the Lantern Construction Graphic Organiser (Appendix 11 - Lantern Construction  Graphic Organiser ) on A3 paper to record the design brief, materials, equipment, criteria, lantern sketch, and instructions for making the lantern (the instructions will be written in a later lesson).

The teacher explains to students that they are now at a stage where they can start to make plans for their lantern construction. 

The teacher introduces the lantern assessment criteria (Appendix 12 - Lanterns Assessment). Class and teacher discuss what will be required from each student’s lantern to meet the assessment criteria. The teacher displays the assessment criteria so that students can refer to it during planning and construction.

Students record their design brief and construction criteria into the lantern construction graphic organiser.

Think Pair Share – What type of lantern will you design and construct?

Teacher and students brainstorm what needs to be considered at this stage of the planning process?

Students complete the materials and equipment section of the lantern construction graphic organiser. Students make some scale drawings of their lantern.

The teacher and students discuss what will be needed for the construction session. The teacher guides students in keeping construction ideas realistic.

The teacher asks questions such as:

  • Can I make the lantern from materials which are available at school or at home?
  • How will I get any special materials I might need in time for the construction session?

Published on: 26 Jun 2018