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Ministry of Education.

Learning task 4

Language and literacy intention(s)

We are learning to:

  • construct a lantern to meet criteria.
  • use modal verbs, conjunctions of reason and technical vocabulary.
Opportunities for Key
competencies development

Participating and Contributing


Principles and values Innovation, enquiry and curiosity

Lesson 4 – Introducing the criteria (Dictogloss)

Teacher reviews Lesson 3. Using photos of a  lantern the teacher checks for understanding of the following vocabulary:

frame (noun), candle holder, handle, material, light (verb)

Class is divided into groups with four students in each group. The teacher delivers a dictogloss explaining the criteria for lantern construction (Appendix 9 - Lanterns Criteria Dictogloss).

Students work in groups to reconstruct text. The teacher displays and students analyse each text for grammatical and semantic accuracy. Remember that the student texts do not have to be exactly the same as the original. The teacher then compares the reconstructed texts to the original.

The complete lantern criteria are then provided to students.

Students move to stations with various lanterns (or photos of a lantern).

The teacher explains that the students will now analyse the lanterns against the criteria presented in the dictogloss (Appendix 10 -  Checkinging Lanterns Against Criteria). Students move around the stations and complete the analysis using the criteria checking sheet.

Teacher and students discuss findings. Which lantern(s) best met the criteria? How and why?

Thinking about our learning:

Students are asked to think about the lanterns and decide which lantern met some of the requirements of their design brief. Students think about and record ideas for a lantern design they would like to make themselves. Students record their thinking in their lanterns journal. They can also sketch or note their first design ideas.

Students answer the following questions:

  • Which lantern best met our design brief?
  • What will I need to do to meet the criteria?
  • How did the dictogloss help me learn?

Published on: 26 Jun 2018