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Learning task 7

Write a question about the ends of a magnet


Ask the students to write a question about the ends of a magnet and the connection that the poles have to a magnet.

Use a 'think aloud' to model metacognitive strategies. Model the process a good learner might use when trying to develop research questions on a topic. Model the self monitoring a good learner might use. For example:

  • First I would want to think about what I already know on this topic. (What do I already know about the ends of a magnet and what the poles have to do with magnets?)
  • I might jot some of this information down. Then I would ask myself if I have recalled everything significant that I know about the topic. (What else do I know?)
  • Then I would assess what more I want to know. I would brainstorm some questions and then choose from these the interesting questions (perhaps I would ask a friend for their opinion).
  • I would think about - Is my question on the topic? Is my question open-ended? (You may want to teach the students this strategy for asking high level questions).
  • Is my question accurate grammatically?
Principle 7

Published on: 19 Feb 2018