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Ministry of Education.

Learning task 6

Using receptive and productive language

This Say It! activity provides motivation for all students to try new structures and vocabulary within a small group setting where levels of anxiety are lower. It is often used as an end of topic activity for practising orally the language that has been learned during a topic.

  • Present the students with the SayItGrid (Word 35KB) .
  • Practise the Say It! with confident students in the whole class setting.
  • Put the students into groups of about six and choose one student to begin the Say It! in each group. Allocate grid coordinates to that student. The first student then carries out the short role play and then chooses someone from the group to go second and allocates a new set of coordinates to that student.
  • After the oral work, the students can use language they have been listening to and using to write a paragraph explaining what magnets are and what they are useful for.
Principle 6

Published on: 19 Feb 2018