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Ministry of Education.

Learning task 2

Record information

Use joint construction of text. Model how to use information from learning task 1 to complete the retrievalChart (Word 35KB) . Discuss the language of explanation using conjunctions that the students will need to complete the chart. For example - Bell invented this because...; this works by...; I would adapt this by... Jointly construct another chart on the board using student suggestions. The students then work in pairs or individually on their retrieval charts.

Your own invention

In pairs, students invent something they feel will be useful to their communities. Each pair then fills in the retrieval chart on their new invention and reports on it to another pair.

Teacher then takes one invention and with prompting from the students writes the instructions for its use, pointing out the language features.

Students then try writing instructions for use, using their own invention and working in their pairs. Second time around, students invent something themselves in pairs. Plan, design and make.

Transactional writing

Write instructions for use.

Assessment schedule

Level 4: Write instructions, organising and linking ideas logically and making language choices appropriate to the audience.

Key indicators

Students should be able to:

  • write clear instructions using imperative verbs, and sequencing words or numbering.

Oral presentation

Present to group/class your invention, sharing this task with your partner. Explain, using your retrieval chart for prompts if needed:

  • reason for making your invention
  • how your invention works
  • how you think it will enhance your communities' lives.

Published on: 09 Jan 2018