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Learning task 1

1. Activating prior knowledge

  • Mention some early inventions/inventors such as fireworks, or  lawnmowers.
  • What were some early inventions/inventors in your culture? Think - pair - share.

2. Setting a purpose for learning

  • Share the language and learning goals with the students (writing clear instructions for how to use your own invention; speaking clearly about why you made your invention).

3. Vocabulary

  • Discuss the word 'invention', adding words yourself that collocate with 'invention', words you think the students will need/may encounter. Word mapping is especially relevant for ESOL students (Word 29KB) who will have a much smaller word base. Vocabulary can be recorded on wall charts for future reference. This can link to the spelling programme.
  • See a VocabMatchingTask (Word 36KB) . Create your own.

4. Famous inventors

Read a journal story on a famous inventor of your choice, or visit a website of inventors.

School Journal texts

Go to Journal Surf for more texts.

Ahead of his Time by Judith Evans, 1992 Pt 3 No. 1. William Gilbert Puckey , missionary and inventor, was ahead of this time (1830-40) with the land yacht he built for travelling along Ninety Mile Beach.

Inventing by Jane Thomson, 1978 Pt 4 No. 4. An interview with Mr Roy Martin, a full-time inventor.

My invention by James Vincombe, 1995 YPW. What a great invention! The author makes a machine that will keep big brothers quiet.

Superbike! by Jane Buxton, 1994 SL (tape 95164). John Britten designed and built the motorbike that won the New Zealand Grand Prix in 1993.He tells some of his design secrets, how he built the bike, where his ideas come from, and his schemes for new inventions like flying cars.

A tyreful of air by Margret Mooney, 1987 JJ No. 3. How John Dunlop, over a hundred years ago, invented his first pneumatic tyres to help his son's tricycle to go faster.

Unuseless inventions by Kenji Kawakami, 1993 Pt 4 No.2. Some absurd ideas from Japan that began as a joke to liven up a magazine.


Published on: 09 Jan 2018