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ESOL Online. Every child literate - a shared responsibility.
Ministry of Education.

Written language

Classroom resources 

Spelling City: This US site is designed to help children improve their spelling skills. It uses both visual and auditory (a human voice) input to improve retention. Teachers and parents can enter and save their own spelling lists that students can use to play games. The use of this site requires a paid subscription.

Professional readings

Combining dictogloss and cooperative learning to promote language learning (PDF)

Generation 1.5 students and college writing: Linda Harklau’s 2003 article discusses some of the special writing needs of generation 1.5 students (so called because they share the characteristics of both first- and second-generation immigrants).

Looking for quality in student writing: this article gives suggestions for analysing the good things a writer does. Learning to see the things students can do so we can teach them to do the things they can't. Levels 1 to 8.

An Approach to Factual Writing: Wray and Lewis on text types and writing frames, with clear explanations and exemplifications.

Sentence Combining: 2004 report on the role sentence combining can play in improving writing quality (The Institute of Education, University of London).

Knapp, P. and Watkins, M. (1994). Context–Text–Grammar: Teaching the Genres and Grammar of SchoolWriting in Infant and Primary Classrooms: This resource provides a detailed discussion of the concepts involved in learning about language, including functional grammar based on the genres of school writing.

Knapp, P. and Watkins, M. (2005). Genre, Text, Grammar: Technologies for Teaching and Assessing Writing: This resource examines how the three aspects of language (genre, text and grammar) can be used as resources in teaching and assessing writing.

An approach to scaffolding children's non-fiction writing: the use of writing frames (David Wray and Maureen Lewis)

Published on: 09 Jan 2018