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Ministry of Education.

Connecting with families

Professional readings

Involving parents of English language learners in their children's schooling (PDF) (541 kB): A 'why' and 'how to' article from Goldenberg.

Funds of knowledge: Learning from language minority households: Classroom practice can be enriched by drawing upon the existing funds of knowledge in minority students' households.

The complexity of community and family influences on children's achievement in New Zealand: Best Evidence Synthesis iteration (BES): The influences of families/whanau and communities are identified as key levers for high quality outcomes for diverse children. Outcomes include both social and academic achievement. The focus is on children from early childhood through to the end of secondary schooling.

007 family and community engagement in education (PDF 152KB): 2007 paper briefly outlining findings about family and community influences on students' achievement. The paper identifies key principles for working in partnership with families and community and summarises features of partnership programmes in the Manukau area.

Published on: 16 Feb 2018