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Visual language

Classroom resources 

Exploring visual language: this resource provides support on how visual texts work.

New Zealand exemplars in English: The matrices for presenting static and moving images unpack what the deeper features of 'purposes and audiences' might look like at levels 1–5.

Audio Visual Archives: From Archives New Zealand, this site features 100 National Film Unit films, including Weekly Reviews and Pictorial Parade newsreels, as well as one-off documentaries. These provide a unique insight into New Zealand's cultures and heritage. It also has information on the National Film Unit, Archives New Zealand's preservation work, and stories on filmmakers and films. Levels 1–8

World War II Posters: Powers of Persuasion: This online exhibit features National Archives propaganda posters and sound files used by the United States government to explain and promote the war effort in Europe and the Pacific.

Published on: 09 Jan 2018