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Learning task 2: Making kites

Design and build a kite

Build, construct a kite, reading and following the instructions. Draw a kite to scale. Decorate by painting, printing, and collage.


  • How a kite flies.
  • How, when, where to fly a kite - wind.

Chart responses, use procedural text form (English Online).

Set up area where there are instructions and materials for kite making. Students may choose to work individually or in pairs. Display kites with comments from the students on how they made their kite, problems and how they solved them, and how well they were able to follow the directions.

Come, fly the kites!

Record kite flying experiences. Set up a website so that students can record their experiences using this computer technology. Alternatively, students could use a drawing program to draw and record their experiences kite flying.

Create a class book "Kites" poems, stories, and illustrations.

  • Origin of kites.
  • Kite festivals.
  • Kites of other counties.
  • Famous people who used kite flying to solve scientific problems (Ben Franklin, Wright Brothers).
  • Flight aerodynamics
  • Design and make your own kite. Write instructions on how to make this kite.

Students to design a kite shape and present their independent work on this shape to hang in the class.

Published on: 09 Jan 2018