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Checklists and peer editing

A checklist is developed by the teacher to specify the language features, language structures, spelling, punctuation, or grammatical features which the student needs to check that they have used in their piece of writing.

The students tick the box next to each item on the checklist to show that they have checked their piece of writing for that item. Checklists are usually provided to the students prior to writing and used by them at the editing/proofreading stage of the writing cycle. In addition, the students can also edit each other’s work using a checklist.

Watch this video to see a year 5–6 class using checklists and peer editing

Checklist examples for writing:







Teaching and learning sequence examples:

Primary level:

Family Treasures – Social Studies, year 5–6

– Technology, year 7–8

Secondary level:

  • Fat Tax – English Unit Standard, NCEA level 2

Published on: 19 Jan 2018